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Nothing is More Sacred than Life

Every life is sacred No matter the Age Gender Sexual derivation Or religion Of that human being More sacred Than any book Than any word Written or spoken Across the ages Across all universes Forever and Always. Chaplain Tamar 11.20.15

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Family Caring for Family – A Caregiver’s Prayer

Caring for a dying loved one Takes such a heavy toll On one’s mind, body, and yes, on one’s very soul Some days are harder than others may be Each day a question, wondering when God will set our loved … Continue reading

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Tammy Mama’s Fourth God Story – Divine Intervention

When I was a little girl My mother used to tell us how On an icy, snowy night in Omaha, Nebraska She was driving her car When she hit black ice How the car then began sliding rapidly Down a … Continue reading

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What is Happiness?

Happiness is the ability to recognize joyful things inner beauty true goodness personal satisfaction and inner peace Look for it And you shall find that which you seek In all things Great Small Mysterious And seen only by you and … Continue reading

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We Are Here Because . . .

We all are here because we’re travelers Journeying from life to life Our time on Earth so very short Filled with joy, hardship and strife And the lessons we’re to take away are always just the same To learn to … Continue reading

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Hate Prevents Progress – Love Provides Infinite Possibilities

Hate prevents the soul from being all that it can be Whilst love provides the soul with infinite possibilities Possibilities To be everything the Creator intended So sow love And begin the journey Towards the infinite. Chaplain Tamar 10.23.15

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Be a Blessing

Live life intent on growing your soul into the best God-light it can be, and you will surely be a blessing. Chaplain Tamar 10.20.15

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Tammy Mama’s Third God Story – Be Careful What You Wish For

When I was 11, I clearly remember Looking heaven-ward and wishing That God would shrink my breasts They got in the way when I did gymnastics They got in the way when I danced They hurt when I ran They … Continue reading

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Chaplain Tamar’s God Story – No. 1

My first chaplaincy God story occurred one day¬†as I was called to the room of a resident whom the staff indicated was dying and whose family was standing and sitting around her as she lay in bed It was painfully … Continue reading

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Be brave, but not foolish Make mistakes But learn how not to repeat them So eventually You can live joyfully And with peace Of heart and soul Chaplain Tamar 9.18.15

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